BES Members: Complete Expertise Questionnaire Online

Do you want to increase the impact of your research?

The BES maintains a database of over 500 ecologists who are prepared to comment upon a range of ecological issues. Members of the BES are now able to join them by registering your expertise via our *new online questionnaire*.

Do you want your science to inform decisions which shape society? Is it important to you that policies are evidence-based? Are you looking for ways to communicate the excitement of your research to the public?

By joining the BES expertise database you can make sure that you are kept informed of all the opportunities that the Society can offer to increase the wider impact of your research.

– Find out about workshops and events
– Contribute to a briefing, consultation or inquiry on a topic you are passionate about.
– Be first in line when the media contacts the BES, looking for a comment

The online questionnaire consists of 19 questions and should take no more than 10 minutes of your time.