CaSE Celebrate 25 Years

The Campaign for Science and Engineering yesterday celebrated 25 years since the founding of the organisation, then called ‘Save British Science’. Figures from science journalism and policy assembled at the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Savoy Place, to congratulate CaSE and to hear speeches from a number of founders of CaSE, and David Willetts, Science Minister in the UK Government.

Imran Khan, CaSE Director, congratulated Mr Willetts on securing a benign settlement for science in the Comprehensive Spending Review. Representing a ‘flat cash’ settlement, or a 10% cut in ‘real terms’, given inflation, the settlement is widely recognised as the best outcome for science given the context in which the settlement was secured – with large budget cuts across Government. However, Imran highlighted once again to Mr Willetts that other countries have chosen to invest in their science base as a means of lifting themselves out of recession, whist the UK has in effect cut revenue to science, engineering and technology.

There is no doubt that CaSE deserves congratulations for its role in lobbying Government in the run up to the CSR, and for the central role that the organisation played in the ‘Science is Vital‘ campaign, which secured 30,000 signatures in favour of an increase in science funding under the CSR. During the reception, CaSE displayed a number of slides illustrating hopes and aspirations for the science base in 2036, 25 years from now. Their next priority is to lobby and influence the UK Government to develop a long-term, fifteen year, framework for science and engineering, aiming to make at least some of these aspirations a reality.

Find out more about the Campaign for Science and Engineering through the CaSE website and blog.