Contribute to the BES response to the Triennial Review of the Research Councils

The BES will respond through the Society of Biology to the UK Government’s Triennial Review of the seven Research Councils. The first phase is to consider the core functions of the Research Councils, to assess the need for these functions to continue and to consider the structural options for their continued delivery. If the conclusion of stage one is that the Research Councils should continue to exist, stage two will consider the corporate governance arrangements to facilitate this.

Members’ views on any or all of the six questions below would be very welcome (by the end of the day on Monday, 18th February).

Q3: How closely are and should the Research Council research objectives be aligned with those of Government?

Q4: How effective are the Research Councils in delivering their objectives?

Q5: Are the current disciplinary divisions appropriate to allow the Research Councils to foster excellent innovation in the research base?

Q10: Where do the Research Councils need to work in partnership and how good are they at doing this?

Q14: How well do you think the funding mechanisms are understood by applicants, existing and new?

Q20: How easy is it for UK businesses, individuals and policy-makers to access the research base?

The full details of the triennial review, including the full list of questions being posed by Government, is available here.