“Decarbonising” the UK’s road transport

The Government is to publish the results of the ‘King Review’ into low carbon cars today, alongside the 2008 Budget. Professor Julia King, Vice-Chancellor at Aston University and former Director of Advanced Engineering at Rolls-Royce, has worked with Sir Nicholas Stern to generate a package of suggestions to help “decarbonise” road transport.

The report is expected to suggest that the lifetime running costs of a car, for a ten-year period rather than one year as presently, should be clearly displayed in car showrooms, enabling people to make more informed, and greener, choices. It is also likely to propose a colour-coded tax disc scheme, based on vehicle emissions levels.

The BBC reports that Professor King cautions against the uncontrolled expansion of biofuels but that the review suggests that the Government should mandate a certain proportion for use in the fuel mix at pumps.

The 2008 Budget and King Review will be published at 12.30pm.