Quantitative SIG Annual Meeting

Join the Quantitative SIG at their online Annual Meeting as they highlight cutting-edge quantitative methods and approaches

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The Quantitative Ecology Group aims to highlight cutting edge quantitative methods and approaches, as well as train the next generation of quantitative ecologists. As such we are a highly inclusive group, and the conference aims to foster collaboration across career stages, sub-disciplines and geographic regions.


This year’s meeting will take place across three days, with themes of

  • Integrating models and data in ecology
  • Bringing together mathematicians and quantitative ecologists
  • Interdisciplinary Quantitative Ecology.

To accommodate the time zone differences, the conference will take place at different times each day as follows:

  • Tuesday 31st August: 8am – 11am BST (GMT +1)
  • Wednesday 1st September: 5pm – 8pm BST
  • Thursday 2nd September: 11am – 2pm BST

In addition, we will have two keynote speakers on each day, at least one of whom is an ECR, there will be short talks, networking and a virtual poster session.

Keynote speakers

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Day One

  • Diana Bowler, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv), “Integrated models to make better use of open data on species’ populations and distributions”
  • Galina Jönsson, Natural History Museum & Imperial College London, “Time travelling with butterfly specimens: can natural history collections extend biodiversity time series?”

Day Two

Day Three

  • Natasha Ellison, University of Sheffield, “Mechanistic home range analysis to understand the space use patterns of animals”
  • John Donohue, Kings College London, “Balancing positive and negative density dependence in population models”

Talks and posters

We invite contributed talks which will be 5 minutes in length. These can either be presented live or pre-recorded. Please submit your title when registering for the meeting, and choose which day/time slot you would prefer. If you would like to present a poster, please submit your title when registering for the meeting, and choose which day/time slot you would prefer.

Talk and poster title deadline is 23:59 BST (GMT+1) 16 August 2021. We will contact attendees after this to confirm talk slots.


Registration deadline has been extended to 17:00 BST, 24 August 2021.

Register here