Would you like to run a workshop at the BES Annual Meeting 2024? We are now inviting applications.

If you have an idea for a workshop that you’d like to run at this year’s Annual Meeting, you can now send your application for consideration by the Events Committee (closing date 17:00 BST, 17 May).

One of the many fantastic reasons for coming along to the Annual Meeting is to be in the room with like-minded ecologists and to share experience and knowledge with your community. The workshops are a great way to create those moments and, as a result, must be planned as in-person sessions, with all presenters and facilitators as in-person delegates at the event.

We’re looking for workshops that involve audience participation or contribution and usually address at least one of the following workshop categories:

  • Education, training, skills and methods
  • Communication, engagement, and outreach
  • Policy, conservation, and practical applications
  • Crossing disciplinary boundaries (incl. social sciences, arts)

Proposals consisting of a series of talks or presentations without audience participation will not be considered. For proposals of this nature please see our call for thematic sessions.

Please note that the BES cannot cover registration and attendance expenses for workshop organisers or speakers unless they are eligible to apply for a conference grant. Organisers may seek external funding or sponsorship opportunities if additional funding is required.

Application information

Please submit your workshop application, using the form linked below, by 17:00 (BST), Friday 17 May.

Before you send your application, carefully read the guidance notes on the application form and consider whether you will be able to commit the time needed for planning, including any troubleshooting.

Workshop proposals should specify:

  • An outline of the activities, discussion, or training
  • A need/benefit for the target audience
  • An outline of the space and equipment requirements, aiming for a simple set-up
  • How the audience will be engaged in activities, discussion
  • Training facilitators with experience of running successful workshops
  • The desired duration of the workshop and justification of workshop length

Workshops using creative formats are welcome. If you are unsure about feasibility, please get in touch with our Events Team well before the submission deadline.

All proposals will be evaluated by the BES Events Committee. The selection process is competitive and we receive more applications than we can accommodate in the programme.

All applicants will be contacted in early summer.

Submit your workshop proposal

Creating an inclusive environment for ecologists

We are committed to promoting an inclusive ecological community and all workshop submissions must consider equality and diversity. Each proposal should be developed with the BES equality and diversity statement in mind and this will be considered as a criterion when scoring applications.

The organisers and speakers should reflect the diversity of the ecological community. Please consider multiple dimensions of diversity. Consider reaching out beyond your own networks when selecting facilitators.

Consider the content of the session. Our Annual Meeting attracts academics, practitioners, and educators across all career stages and working across many disciplines, try to consider more than one audience when developing your workshop.