Thematic Sessions

We are now pleased to announce the Thematic Sessions taking place at #BES2018

Thematic Sessions aim to create a high profile forum for the discussion of timely, innovative and/or important questions, provide local ‘flavour’ within the programme, and showcase integration with disciplines outside of ecology (including other natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities).

Microbial influence on climate change feedbacks
Pablo García-Palacios (King Juan Carlos University)
Mark A. Bradford (Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies)

People and Nature
Emilie Aimé (BES Managing Editor)
K.J. Gaston (University of Exeter)

Advancing our understanding of long-term ecology: combining ecological and palaeoecology approaches and metrics
Althea Davies (University of St Andrews)
Ambroise Baker (Teesside University)

Upscaling biodiversity-ecosystem functioning research
Malte Jochum (University of Bern)
Anne Ebeling (University Jena)

All creatures fast and slow
Iain Stott (University of Southern Denmark)
Owen Jones (University of Southern Denmark)

Infectious disease ecology at the human-wildlife interface: management and conflicts
Olivier Restif (University of Cambridge)

**Interactive Thematic Session**
Long-term ecological experiments forever! – Unique challenges and opportunities
Jonathan Silvertown (University of Edinburgh)
Emma Sayer (University of Lancaster)

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