Jason Tylianakis – Thu 20 May

Jason seeks to understand how environmental change is disrupting the web of life. This free online talk will be broadcast on Zoom as part of Ecology Live 2021 at the earlier time of 09:00 UK time.

Jason Tylianakis

Thursday 20 May

09:00 UK time / 16:00 in Beijing / 18:00 in Sydney

Jason M. Tylianakis

University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Unravelling the web of life: species interactions in a changing world

Global environmental changes are driving species extinctions, which can influence ecosystem functioning. Many ecosystem processes involve interactions among many different species within a community, and these networks of interactions may be disrupted long before the species involved go extinct.

I’ll show how methods such as resource partitioning and trait matching can provide understanding of how network structure influences ecosystem functioning. Unfortunately, interaction networks can propagate environmental change effects across landscapes, but these influences may be predictable.

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