Six predictions of Edinburgh’s future green spaces

This digital event will transport you to a virtual gallery overlooking Arthur’s Seat to explore and create your own exciting visions for the future of green spaces in Edinburgh. Local artists and ecologists have got together to imagine a ‘better’, greener future for Edinburgh. How do you think have they done, and what would your vision be?





Tackling problems like carbon emissions, drought, heatwaves and even social justice, the online art exhibition, co-created by young and local artists and urban ecologists showcases ground-breaking nature based solutions, where nature is used to benefit both the environment and people.

Dive into the visions and science to explore how you can take action in future to help combat climate change and help us ensure that everyone has a voice in our futures by contributing your own ideas for future green spaces in Edinburgh.

All visions will directly contribute to work by the City of Edinburgh Council and the Scottish Wildlife Trust in envisioning the future of the city’s green spaces.



The Artworks - click to explore and learn more

Welcome to Leith-on-Sea
Image of Welcome to Leith-on-Sea

Welcome to Leith-on-Sea

Abi Gardner & Sam Wilson

This fantastical vision explores how a community can live with and be protected against floods and rising sea levels by embracing nature.

Green Rooms and Corridors
Image of Green Rooms and Corridors

Green Rooms and Corridors

Danny McKendry & Lauren Cook

See how a diverse range of perspectives must be included when envisioning our green future, with beautiful and beneficial green spaces connected by equally valuable travel routes

Love our Bogs!
Image of Love our Bogs!

Love our Bogs!

Christian Dunn & Holly McKelvey

Explore the immense value of protecting Peatlands to combat climate warming, and our need for positive connections between ourselves, cities and peatland habitats

Greening Nicolson Street
Image of Greening Nicolson Street

Greening Nicolson Street

Alexandra Borghino & Chris R J Pollard

This vision of a green future re-imagines Edinburgh’s most polluted street - Nicholson Street - as a tree lined, vibrant community space.

Leith Walk on the wild side
Image of Leith Walk on the wild side

Leith Walk on the wild side

Donya Davidson & Sarah Hannis

Explore how we can promote urban biodiversity in our cities through green buildings and spaces, making space for nature to move and thrive.

Metamorphosis study in oil
Image of Metamorphosis study in oil

Metamorphosis study in oil

Bryony Benge-Abbott

Discover how our societal connection and empathy with nature will be essential in our battle against the climate crisis and making our green visions a reality,

Our Partners and creation process

This exhibition was made possible through the expertise and hard work of many partners and individuals – artists, ecologists, social scientists, landscape architects, more. We thank all our contributors:

Abi Gardner (Nature Scot), Alexandra Borghino (Children’s Illustrator), Bethany Chamberlain (British Ecological Society), Bryony Benge-Abbott (Visual Artist and Creative Producer), Chris R J Pollard (Forest Research, BES Scottish Policy Group), Christian Dunn (Bangor University), Danny McKendry (Architecture & Design Scotland), Donya Davidson (the Scottish Wildlife Trust and The City of Edinburgh Council), Holly McKelvey (Illustrator), Lauren Cook (Artist), Sam Wilson (Illustrator), Sarah Hannis (Illustrator).


This exhibition is delivered in partnership with SMASH-UK – a diverse mash-up of STEM subjects & the Arts – working for better gender, ethnic & socio-economic diversity in STEAM education & careers. SMASH-UK specialise in creative collaboration, participatory engagement and co-production with communities, and fusing arts and science. They are best known for their NCCPE award-winning ‘SMASHfest‘ community festivals, and their upcoming ‘SPACE PLAGUE VR‘ experience.

Edinburgh Science 

This exhibition was developed for and in partnership with Edinburgh Science Festival. Edinburgh Science, founded in 1989, is an educational charity that aims to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to discover the world around them. The organisation is best known for organising Edinburgh’s annual Science Festival: the world’s first festival of science and technology and still one of Europe’s largest.