Human Nature exhibition

Visitors experienced giant images in the Edinburgh Science Festival’s ‘Human Nature’ photography exhibition along the picturesque location of Edinburgh’s Portobello Promenade, featuring contributions from the BES ‘Capturing Ecology Competition’

Ecologists in action

When:  12 June – 21 July 2021

Where: Portobello Promenade, Edinburgh

Through a series of arresting images, Human Nature highlights the importance of the natural world, how it matters to our wellbeing, and the fragility and biodiversity of our one precious planet.

Visitors could take a fascinating journey around the world through this large-scale outdoor photography exhibition and explore how we connect to nature as humans. We can take time to consider the importance of the natural world to human health and happiness and discover how the global community are tackling the challenges of the climate crisis that threaten our green spaces.

Our Members’ featured ‘Capturing Ecology’ images:

'Connecting' by Emma Valbret Chris Scott. Edinburgh Science Festival
'Capturing tundra vegetation change' by Gergana Daskalova Chris Scott. Edinburgh Science Festival
'March to the sea' by Doron Talmi British Ecological Society
'Female Leatherback turtle gets in to trouble' by Adam Rees British Ecological Society