The Big Ecology Draw-along

Does nature fascinate you? Do you also have a creative side? Combine the two in a live online draw-along with a twist.

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Join our presenter, Zoologist and science communicator Sophie Pavelle, and nature-artists Hana Ayoob, Alicia Hayden, and Lauren Cook to learn how to draw incredible plants, fungi and animals, following their simple step-by-step tutorials.

And the twist? The ecologists that study these creatures will be joining live and drawing them too!

In this fun and informative art-nature mash-up you’ll hear all about the science behind the drawings as you get creative, and find out how ecologists help understand and protect the environment as a job! You will also be able to put your own questions to the ecologists as you draw along.

This draw-along is suitable for individuals of all artistic ability, and you only need pencil and paper if you’d like to draw along!

Sophie Pavelle is an adventurous zoologist and science communicator, with a passion for reaching new audiences with the natural world. She’s written for outlets such as BBC Wildlife, Coast, and The Metro, and is currently writing her first book with Bloomsbury, about British wildlife and climate change. Sophie is Communications Coordinator for Beaver Trust, an Ambassador for The Wildlife Trusts, and sits of the RSPB England Committee.