Horizon Scan

nature based solutions

We will be conducting a horizon scanning exercise of emerging issues under the broad theme of the values of nature, to inform the future research agenda.

Issues will be discussed at a structured workshop and we are seeking input from the community to identify important issues in this area that are not presently well understood. The output from this workshop will be an article outlining our findings in People and Nature. Those who suggest issues that score highest and are presented in the paper will be acknowledged by name in the final publication.

We encouraged applicants to submit up to 5 issues. Each should have been outlined in a paragraph of about 200 words that describes the issue, its importance and implications, in a form suitable for publication with references. No vague topics were accepted, but well defined with a precise title. We encouraged applicants to canvas others for suggestions for these issues; and can acknowledge their origin within the final publication.

Entries were only considered if the fields ‘issue title’ and ‘issue description’ are completed.

We welcomed contributions via this form from anyone with an interest in this topic; however, the workshop itself was invite only. Those participating in the workshop were required to submit two issues.

Deadline: The deadline for this was Wednesday 18 December. Therefore we are no longer able to accept applications.