Code of Conduct

The British Ecological Society believes that no one should experience discrimination or harassment of any kind.

We want to ensure that everyone who attends any event hosted by or on behalf of the BES and its special interest groups feels welcome, safe and comfortable.  We also seek to ensure that everyone feels they are able to report any incidences of discrimination, harassment or abuse of any kind.

Everyone can face discrimination or harassment and all reported incidents will be treated with respect and managed appropriately. The BES has a full safeguarding policy that covers all our activities and you are welcome to ask the main office for a copy. Part of our policy is to share our code of conduct with you.

We ask all organisers of and participants in our events to read and abide by the following code of conduct, so that everyone is able to enjoy, learn and share their research in a safe and welcoming environment.

Everyone is encouraged to demonstrate exemplary behaviour to promote the welfare of all participants and reduce the likelihood of any allegations of misconduct being made.  This includes

  • Working in an open environment where ever possible
  • Treating everyone equally, with respect and dignity at all times
  • Always putting the welfare of individuals first
  • Maintaining a safe and appropriate physical and emotional distance in all interactions
  • Maintaining a professional and friendly but non-personal, non-sexual dialogue at all times with all participants
  • Any manual or physical contact should be avoided wherever possible and when required seeks permission, is openly provided and reported where necessary

If you feel you would like to make a complaint or report any negative behaviour you have experienced or witnessed please do find a member of BES staff.  All our staff have been provided with training and will be able to offer support.

If you do not wish or feel you cannot report to staff at the event, you can send a confidential email to Karen Devine, our safeguarding lead. All emails will be responded to as a matter of priority.