Code of Conduct

The British Ecological Society and Society for Tropical Ecology are open, welcoming and inclusive organisations that believe no one should experience discrimination or harassment of any kind.  We want to ensure that everyone who attends our events feels welcome, safe and comfortable.

The BES has a full safeguarding policy that covers all our activities and you are welcome to ask the main office for a copy or online.  Part of our policy is to share our code of conduct with you.

We believe all participants and attendees at our events have:

  • The right to be safe from harassment or discrimination in all its forms
  • The right to fully engage in all the activities on offer
  • The right to have any complaints or concerns investigated, regardless of career position

We ask everyone to help us maintain an inclusive, safe meeting for all attendees by agreeing to the common principles of our code of conduct:

  • being courteous, respectful and professional towards others
  • valuing the diversity of participants, their views and opinions

If you feel you have experienced any harassment or discrimination or would like to report any concerns, please speak to a member of BES staff or you can send a confidential email to to report a concern or ask to speak to our safeguarding staff.

Speaker Brief

This guidance is aimed at all speakers, chairs of sessions, presenters whether oral or posters, workshop organisers and any other contributors at our events.

We know and are grateful that in whatever capacity you are contributing to the meeting you will put a huge amount of effort to deliver an interesting and engaging experience.

Our meetings are large, international and professional events with a diverse audience, we ask everyone to consider the diversity of their audience when developing and presenting talks and posters, including the chairing of sessions and workshops.

Our code of conduct states all delegates attending our meeting have

  • The right to be safe from harassment or discrimination in all its forms
  • The right to fully engage in all the activities on offer

We all know that humour and relatability are an important part of a great presentation and would encourage you to be creative in how you approach your content but please ensure it

  • Is inclusive and treats all researchers regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion and disability equally
  • Respects the rights of all delegates

We would advise that if you are worried your content could be interpreted as discriminatory despite your best efforts please do send a confidential email to