Did you know ecology helps solve crime?

We are in the process of developing our Public Engagement programme and want your input!

We want to communicates the relevance of ecology to everyone in society. We are looking for key questions, or statements that connect ecology to everyday processes and items that we all take for granted.
The first of the questions is:

‘Did you know ecology helps solve crime?’

Whilst slightly macabre this question alludes to how entomology (the study of insects), can provide investigators with vital information at crime scenes involving suspicious deaths. By identifying the insects present and drawing on knowledge of their life cycles it is possible to reveal crucial information about the crime.
We are looking for three other less macabre questions or statements, that link ecology to the everyday, making it relevant to all, regardless of their level of knowledge of ecological science.
Let us know your suggestions by Friday 23rd September, and if chosen, your idea could be incorporated into our 2017 plans and immortalised on our public engagement tent!
Tweet your idea to @BESRoadies using the hashtag #EverydayEcology, or email them to jessica@britishecologicalscience.org.