Explore the Landscapes of the Future at the British Science Festival

Booking has now opened for the 2010 British Science Festival, taking place in Birmingham from 13- 19 September.

Explore a virtual landscape with the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute and the BES, or hear experts discuss how ecology and green design will help us tackle the challenges of food, energy and water security in the ‘Landscapes of the Future’ session, in partnership with the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.

Join the team from the Virtual Landscape Theatre from 14 – 17 September to run. walk or fly through a virtual simulation of upland landscapes and explore how development may affect these into the future. Electronic audience voting allows you to express your preference about the possible futures which you’d like to see in 50 years or so. Admission is free.

Our expert panellists will run a public discussion on ‘landscapes of the future’ from 10am – 12pm on 14th September. Join a landscape architect, urban ecologist and specialists in nature’s life support services to discuss how our landscapes can balance the multiple demands on them – from food, fuel, housing, transport, demand for water and climate change – now and to 2030. Can our landscapes help us to tackle this ‘perfect storm’ of competing demands, as discussed at length by the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Prof. Sir John Beddington? Admission £5.00.

Find out more about the programme at this year’s British Science Festival – the largest festival of its kind in Europe.