Past awards – Ecologists in Africa

Spring 2023

  • Infestation level of varroa mite and its impact on the strength of Apis mellifera colonies in Ethiopia
  • Understanding the effect of agro-ecological and socio-economic drivers on invasive mistletoe density in Ghanaian cocoa Agroforest
  • University-led indigenous trees restoration for conservation and climate action in dryland African cities
  • Restoration of Degraded Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem for Biodiversity Conservation: A Case Study of a Nigerian Strict Nature Reserve.
  • Assessment of Health and Conservation Status of Butterflies in Southern Nigeria
  • Effects of population structuring by endosymbionts on the evolutionary costs and benefits of microbe-mediated protective immunity
  • Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Changes on Urban Ecosystem Service Value in Hawassa City, Ethiopia
  • Towards Biodiversity “No Net Loss”: Conservation of Endangered Avian Pollinators through Ecological Habitat Protection and Capacity Building in East Usambara Forest, Tanzania
  • A collaborative approach to improve knowledge of shark and ray fisheries in Cameroon
  • Managing Landscape for Improved Agriculture, Rural Livelihoods, and Ecosystem Services: The Case of Ziway-Shalla sub-basin, Ethiopia
  • Development of a community-based strategy for protecting the biodiversity of fish and crabs from the destructive impacts of the traditional fishing technique known as “Acadja” in Benin Republic.

Spring 2022

  • Climate changes and human impacts on biodiversity in large insular environments based on long-term vegetation reconstruction; example from Tampolo Protected area in Madagascar
  • Distribution modelling of selected useful species of conservation concern in the coastal forests of Kenya.
  • Fish Assemblage Structure and Trophic Ecology in the West of Madagascar.
  • Prevalence of Haemoparasites Theleria, Babesia, Anaplasma and Ehrlichia in Small Antelopes, Sheep and Goats in Laikipia- Kenya.
  • Soil microbial community dynamics and relationship to soil organic matter recovery in post-forest landscapes of Côte d’Ivoire
  • Understanding the impact of agricultural expansion on vector-borne avian parasites in Cameroon
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Mapping and Species Distribution Modelling of Talbotiella gentii in Ghana

Autumn 2021

  • Quantifying tree species diversity effects on aboveground tree carbon stock in mixed forest stands in Benin.
  • Mitigating the Release and Recruitment of Sedimented Phosphorus in Invasive Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) Bloom System.
  • Mapping above ground biomass and carbon stock of forests in Eastern Amhara, Ethiopia using remote sensing data.
  • Discovering the habitat of the two most mysterious lizards in East Africa.
  • Assessing Combined Impacts of Fishing and Climate Change in Malindi-Ungwana Bay Ecosystem, Kenya: A Participatory Modelling Approach Using Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE).
  • Advancing species knowledge, distributions and monitoring solutions for endemic tropical fish fauna using environmental DNA (eDNA).
  • Unravelling socio-cultural drivers to decline in fish catches of the Indian ocean – Tanzania.
  • Characterization of freshwater mollusc communities along the Athi and Ramisi rivers (Southeast Kenya) as a prelude to enhancing riverine sustainable utilization and conservation.
  • Carbon Stock, Sequestration, Emission and Biodiversity Changes under Different Customary Grazing Management Systems of Semiarid Pastoral land use in Eastern Ethiopia.
  • Nigeria lowland forest poaching trend and wildlife rangers’ enforcement activities.

Spring 2021

  • The effect of demographic processes and plant functional traits on the biomass carbon store of an Afromontane forest ecosystem.
  • Refinement of non-destructive botanical analysis for use in tropical smallholder pastures and the role of plant biodiversity to improve soil nutrient cycling at different states of land degradation.
  • Invasive sicklepod weeds in East Africa: A friend or foe?
  • Why do Afrotropical birds breed when they do?
  • Dung beetles as indicator of forest restoration success in a restored Afrotropical rainforest of Kibale National Park.
  • Impacts of Land Management Practices on selected Ecosystem Services under Changing Climate of Central Rift Valley, Ethiopia.
  • Monitoring forest cover and land use change in the Congo Basin under IPCC climate change scenarios. Applications to forest fragmentation and connectivity and potential impacts on Great Apes spatial and behavioural diversity.
  • Understanding the Central Congo peatlands: Biomass allometry of the palm Raphia laurentii De Wild.
  • Ecological correlates of riverine macroinvertebrate alpha and beta diversity across Nigeria.

Autumn 2020

  • Acoustic assessment of the fauna of high-altitude palustrine wetlands in Bokong Nature Reserve, Lesotho.
  • Ecological impact of covid-19 prevention strategies: Fate and Impact of medical face masks on soil ecosystem.
  • Conservation and restoration of African wild dogs: Quantifying costs and benefits of domestic dogs for restoration of the globally endangered African wild dog.
  • Estimating age, growth rates and body condition of foraging juvenile green turtles (Chelonia mydas) faced with environmental forcing in the Ebodje marine coastal waters, South of Cameroon.
  • Bees in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania (Bee-SHOT): population ecology and conservation awareness.
  • How pristine are grasslands in Madagascar? Reconstructing vegetations of the central highlands before and after human settlements.
  • Investigating the role of shade tolerance mechanisms in the structure of tree communities of African tropical dry woodlands.
  • Climate Change and Ecological sustainability in Southern Africa: Interrogating the Role of Higher Education Institutions in Zimbabwe.

Spring 2020

  • Pollen wars.
  • Using permanent vegetation plots to investigate thermophilization in African mountains.
  • Mapping nutrients hotspots in Gonarezhou National Park & Debshan Ranch, Zimbabwe.
  • Propagation of the Globally Endangered Nubian Dragon Tree (Dracaena ombet Heuglin Ex Kotschy and Peyr).
  • Using Palaeoecology proxies to determine anthropogenis impact on vegetation during pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial period in Kenya’s highlands – case study Aberdare Ranges.
  • The impacts of coastal development on beach geomorphology and its influence on sea turtle nesting and reproduction success in Lamu, Kenya.
  • Conservation value assessments of the freshwater systems in some culturally protected areas of Nigeria.
  • Disease ecology of the critically endangered ploughshare tortoises of Madagascar: Implications for mitigating extinction via re-introduction.