Past awards – Outreach

Spring 2023

  • Unearthing Tiko Magrove Estuary with Community Kids and Youths
  • Biology through the lenses of Evolution
  • Increasing the public understanding on shorebird ecology and the importance of their saltmarshes habitat for the wetland birds and the people living around of Andavadoaka, SW Madagascar
  • Wild Things: Using improvised comedy to explore and communicate biodiversity conservation
  • Sensitisation and capacity building on composting cocoapod husk: An ecological approach for disease control and farm fertilisation
  • Tea @ the Park
  • Promoting the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework to Museums
  • The Natural Robotics Contest
  • Meet Lloyd of the Flies
  • “Hort-ecology”: Exploring connections within gardening and ecological science.
  • Snakes Are Cool
  • Not only boats – the wonderful world of marina-inhabitants

Spring 2022

  • A song of the sea
  • Bees for agriculture, apiculture and tourism
  • #ClimateChangeLive
  • Eco-lab: Inspiring children to pursue ecological science
  • Reaching our ‘Discover & Connect’ Audience through Film
  • Strengthening local awareness capacity to support sustainable whale shark tourism: A case in Gorontalo, Indonesia
  • The Niche (A public outreach programme, exploring networks in nature)
  • Unseen workers: the essential roles of microbes
  • The World Around Us

Autumn 2021

  • Young Amphibians Conservation Stewards of Mount Nlonako Area
  • Our Lyrical Planet
  • Hidden Superheroes of the Ocean: a young oyster’s journey to finding his place
  • Conservation in the Land of the Morning Calm: A Conservation Short Film
  • Creating a space for transdisciplinary knowledge to centre ecology in ongoing public discourse on Lakshadweep
  • The Bannockburn BioBlitz – Wild Bannockburn

Spring 2021

  • Sustaining Conservation during a Pandemic: Exploring COVID-19 Sensitive Methods to Increase Awareness on the Plight of Stingrays among Coastal Communities in Ghana.
  • CEADI science
  • Wild Stories Podcast
  • TundraCast: Audio Adventures in Tundra Ecology
  • Wyre Estuary 2021 BioBlitz
  • Out of sight, out of mind: a community science project
  • Increasing the public understanding and involvement on the conservation ecology of threatened terrestrial habitats and species of the Velondriake new protected area, SW Madagascar

Autumn 2020

  • ‘Eurythenes plasticus’: The face of the marine plastic pollution crisis
  • Nature of the Beasts
  • Bats in Churches
  • Migrate
  • Indirect Signs of Presence
  • Conservation Education for Niger-Delta Coastal Communities
  • From steaming swamp to blanket bog: peatlands in action

Spring 2020

  • Get Buzzed About Bees!
  • The Cloud Aquarium
  • Science Weekly – Ecology Special
  • STEM outreach programme for regional secondary schools and colleges
  • Ecological outreach in underrepresented communities of Iowa
  • Coed Gwenllian
  • The W.E.E. (Women in Ecology and Evolution) Podcast