GM crops and food security: curing the world’s growing pains?

The Science Team at the British Library is organising an event at the Library’s conference centre on 21st January 2010 (18.00 – 20.30) entitled: GM crops and food security: curing the world’s growing pains?

Professor Rosie Hails, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, will introduce the subject, followed by a discussion among the audience. This provocative title aims to stimulate discussion on the following questions:

• Do GM technologies have a role to play in meeting demand for food by a population of 9 billion in 2050?
• Are GM crops part of a ‘sustainable’ solution, or will use of GM technologies exacerbate the negative impacts of agriculture?
• Do the impacts of GM technologies pale into insignificance beside other fundamental management practices?
• Has the recent trend of rising food prices and awareness of food security issues altered the public perception of plant biotechnologies?

Tickets are £5 and include refreshments – please book by visiting the box office.

In the mean time, the British Library has set up a discussion forum on Nature Network, so do have a look and contribute. It provides opportunities to discuss issues before and after the event, and also provides an opportunity for those who can’t attend to voice their opinions.