Government Launches New Website on Climate Change Adaptation

The Government has today launched a new website to bring together the details of all Government initiatives on adapting the UK to climate change. This “online information hub” will “help people identify the challenges we will face in the future and to make the decisions now that will help us to manage them”. The site is targeted at businesses, planners, organisations and individuals and aims to allow all these audiences to:

  • Find out more about how the climate is changing and what this could mean for the UK;
  • Read about what the Government is doing to prepare for the impacts of climate change;
  • Find out more about information tools available to all to enable all to take action, including case studies and the work of the UK Climate Impacts Programme.

The UK’s Minister for Climate Change, Biodiversity and Waste, Joan Ruddock MP, launched the website, stating that: “Our climate is changing. We need to future proof our buildings and public spaces against this as much as possible. Even nature itself will need help to adapt to climate change if we are not to lose precious biodiversity.” She called on designers and builders to learn from these innovators and build a consideration of future climate conditions into new facilities and public spaces.

Visit the new website at