Government Publishes Science and Innovation White Paper

The Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills has today published a White Paper on Science and Innovation, “Innovation Nation“, along with the Government’s response to Lord Sainsbury’s Review of Government science and innovation policies. The Government aims to develop an innovative STEM workforce and strong research base to both improve the UK’s attractiveness to investors and ability to tackle challenges such as climate change.
Policy developments include:

  • A new annual review of the innovation in the UK to be published, along with the development of an ‘Index of Innovation’ to illustrate the UK’s performance.
  • The establishment of a new ‘Innovation Research Centre’ to ensure that innovative research outputs flow into the policy community.
  • DIUS to work with the Department for Communities, Schools and Families to promote greater take up of STEM subjects in schools.
  • DIUS is encouraging bids for a National Skills Academy for the environment.
  • DIUS to lead a cross-Government project on labour market needs for STEM skills, leading to adjustments in policy.

In its response to the Sainsbury Review, the Government pledges to improve awareness of STEM careers opportunities amongst school children, to support CPD activities for STEM teachers through the science learning centres and expand science and engineering clubs in schools.

DIUS also announces plans to consult on the Government’s science and society strategy in spring 2008, focusing on the relationship between the scientific community, wider public and policy makers.