Government Scientists’ Climate Change Report Suppressed by White House

A report outlying the dangers posed by climate change was suppressed by U.S Government officials, in an effort to avoid having to sign-up to binding emissions reduction targets set out in the Kyoto protocol.

The Environmental Protection Agency made clear the severity of their findings in the report, stating that: “Risk (to human health, society and the environment) increases with increases in both the rate and magnitude of climate change,” making clear the unequivocal evidence for global warming and its human cause.

The report, unveiled in today’s Telegraph suggested that there would be an increase in human mortality through increased disease prevalence, drought, and worsened allergy reactions from increased pollen. The article made reference to potential conflict across the globe resulting from competition from increasingly scarce resources such as water. Because the Bush administration fear that the U.S economy would suffer as a result of reduced greenhouse gas emissions, the link between human health and climate change has been played down, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence.

The leaked 149-page report further adds to the current U.S Administration’s track-record of hindering progress towards curbing anthropogenic-induced climate change.