Highlighting Research from the World’s Largest Marine Protected Area

A meeting at the Linnean Society on 24th November 2011 will unveil the highlights from a decade of research into the Chagos Archipelago; the world’s largest marine protected area (MPA). Organised in partnership with the Chagos Conservation Trust and supported by the Pew Environment Group, this one-day meeting will explore the ecology of the Chagos and the importance of safeguarding the archipelago from the damaging impacts of over-fishing and over-exploitation.

Professor Charles Sheppard, who works part-time at the University of Warwick and for the remainder as an advisor to the UN and Government on tropical marine ecology and conservation, is the lead organiser for the meeting and will oversee a programme of invited speakers discussing varied topics; from how to monitor fish populations in the Chagos to the way ahead for the management of the MPA.

Further information is available from the website of the Linnean Society.