How to get published webinar

Thinking about how to get published? … then this webinar is for you! Following on from the success of our previous career guides, we held a webinar to celebrate the launch of the BES Guide to Getting Published in Ecology and Evolution.

Publishing research results is the one thing that brings together scientists across all disciplines. Effective science communication is also very important for advancing careers. With this in mind, our guide is designed to help early career researchers who are ready to take that next step.

The ‘How to get published’ webinar was broadcast on 7th March. Based upon the guide, the webinar gives advice on how to get your paper from ‘in prep’ to ‘in press’, with a useful overview of the publication process and top tips from our panel of experienced editors.

The webinar was led by Ken Thompson (Senior Editor, Functional Ecology) and presentations were given by Katie Field (Associate Editor, Functional Ecology), Daniel Stouffer (Associate Editor, Journal of Animal Ecology) and Alison Bennett (Associate Editor, Functional Ecology). Further careers advice from our panel and many other editors and researchers can be found in the BES-Guide-to-Getting-Published!

Webinar highlights

  • Selecting a journal and reaching the right audience 4:20
  • Writing your paper, aka ‘the fun part’ 18:50
  • Cover letters and submitting 54:30
  • Peer review and dealing with decisions 1:05:50

Careers advice and resources

Webinar: How to get published British Ecological Society