Information for authors

Explain how the process works and reviews and protocols etc, what happens if they wish to remove content etc?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a AER author. This contribution to AER’s work involves the greatest commitment of time and skills for our members. To help you decide if this is the right choice for you, here is some basic information about expectations of AER authors. Please read and then decide how you want to proceed.

About AER articles

AER Reviews have to be prepared by at least two people, and often may require more than two. AER Review author teams must provide among the members a range of skills and experience necessary to complete a AER Review to established organisational quality standards.

These skills and experience include:
• content knowledge relating to the topic of the review;
• basic knowledge of systematic review methodology (including formulating the review question and eligibility criteria, searching and assessing the risk of bias of relevant studies);
•basic statistical knowledge in order to extract appropriate data, conduct meta-analyses where appropriate, and interpret and discuss the results;
• the ability to write a scientific report of publishable standard in English;
• project management and leadership ability within the team (usually the named Contact Person).
In addition, all authors of the AER editorial board team should:
• approach the review with scientific rigour, be as objective as possible, and avoid conflicts of interest;
• be comprehensive, systematic and methodical in their approach to all aspects of the review; and

AER Reviews and Protocols

Articles are prepared by author teams who work with BES from agreeing a review proposal, though registration and preparation of the review. AER manage the editorial process, including peer review, and provide authors with methodological and editorial support. Authors of articles are expected to maintain their review once published by updating their articles when new evidence becomes available.

Authors of registered articles should contact their AER for information about editorial processes, editorial deadlines and support. For information on training and resources, please visit BES.

Authors interested in preparing a AER Review can find out more information about this process on the AER website.

AER Reviews and Protocols are published in the AER Database of Systematic Reviews.

Articles should be submitted via the AER Database system.