IUSS Select Committee Announces New Inquiry

The Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Select Committee has announced a new inquiry into ‘Putting Science and Engineering at the Heart of Government Policy’. The Committee is seeking evidence on, amongst other things:

  • whether there should be a Department for Science
  • strengths and weaknesses of how Government currently formulates science policy
  • whether the views of the science and engineering community are, or should be, central to the formulation of government policy
  • engaging the public and increasing public confidence in science and engineering policy
  • the role of GO-Science, DIUS and other Government departments, charities, learned societies, Regional Development Agencies, industry and other stakeholders in determining UK science and engineering policy
  • how government science and engineering policy should be scrutinised.

The BES is planning to respond to this consultation, by the deadline of Monday 12 January. If you would like to contribute to this response, e-mail Policy@BritishEcologicalSociety.org, by, at the latest, Friday 12 December.