Promoting your work with Kudos

Once published, there are many great ways to promote your papers. One of these is Kudos – a free service for researchers to help explain, share and measure the impact of your work. The BES has partnered with Kudos in order to help our authors to spread their work.

Kudos allows you to create ‘profiles’ for your papers offering you the opportunity to explain your work in plain language summaries, as well as post related content such as videos, slides, data, code, press coverage, blog posts, and other associated publications. It provides guidance, templates and trackable links to help you share article profiles via social media and email.

Kudos also provides multiple metrics relating to your publications, including page views, citations, downloads and altmetrics, showing you which activities are most effective when it comes to increasing the reach and impact of your work.

Thanks to a partnership between the BES, Wiley and Kudos, our authors benefit from having their articles pre-connected to their Kudos account – anything new you publish with us will automatically be connected to your Kudos account. Once your paper is published you will receive an email with a customised link allowing you to get straight into the process of explaining and sharing your article. Kudos also makes it easier for the BES to promote your work through our own channels by retweeting and sharing your Kudos content, helping to further increase the reach of your articles!

“We set up Kudos just over 3 years ago to make it quick and easy for researchers to take a more active approach to improving the “performance” of their work. Very few researchers have had comprehensive training in this area but you don’t need to be a communications expert to achieve success with Kudos. We’ve broken it down to a really simple process, which typically takes people only about 10 minutes per publication, and on average people achieve 23% higher downloads – that’s got to be worth having a go at!”

Charlie Rapple, Director and Co-founder

You can open a free account and find out more about how Kudos works here.

The BES publications team are always keen to help you promote your work – you can find more advice about promoting your papers here, including tips on SEO, press releases, blogs and social media.