BES Public Engagement Strategy

The British Ecological Society (BES) Public Engagement Strategy outlines our aims and principles for how we support ecologists to communicate the importance and excitement of ecology.

Photographer Mark Tatchell at within the BES Incredible Creatures exhibition at New Scientist Live

The BES Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023 outlines the Society’s commitment to communicate the value of ecology with public audiences and support its members’ to deliver impact. To support these overarching goals of the Society, the following Public Engagement Strategy has been developed.


The BES Public Engagement Programme

This public engagement strategy will be implemented through an annual BES public engagement programme which includes but is not limited to:

  • Organizing events and activities communicating ecology with public audiences
  • Providing training in public engagement and science communication practice
  • Providing funding support for BES members to engage with public audiences
  • Supporting and recognising ecologists’ independent public engagement activities

Our Mission for Public Engagement


The BES connects ecologists and publics, through dialogue, shared learning, and long-term engagement that promotes the excitement and relevance of ecological science.

Our Public Engagement Strategic Aims:

  1. We will engage diverse public audiences with ecological science and careers
  2. We will support ecologists to develop their careers and ability to deliver impact through public engagement
  3. We will be inclusive, engaging with and supporting the diversity of our membership and ecological community
  4. We will build partnerships to enhance the delivery of the Society’s public engagement programme and the independent public engagement activity of its members’
  5. We will support and enhance public engagement impact across BES departments
  6. We will evaluate and review our impact and operation in public engagement

This Strategy

The BES Public Engagement Strategy is a living document adapted to meet the changing needs of the Society, our ecological community, and our wider society of publics.

Current version reviewed February 2021.

This strategy was created by BES Education & Engagement Staff and the BES Public Engagement Working Group (PEWG – composed of BES Members and invited partners) in collaboration with an independent evaluation consultant.