Engagement Evaluation and Impact

Future of our food: A game to demonstrate the environmental impacts of different foods.

see dr morris’ event page here to sign up!

 The BES have been given the opportunity to offer ecologists priority access to an excellent external public engagement training opportunity, all about impact planning and evaluation! Sophie ran this training for BES members last year, and here is what they had to say about it:

“This session is really fantastic and highly interactive” – BES attendee


“Sophie you were absolutely fantastic! Great balance of professionalism and informality, and your enthusiasm shone through” – BES attendee


See the event information provided by Dr Sophie Morris below, and sign up now!


Dr Morris’ Engagement With Impact: How to manage and evaluate the impact arising from your public engagement project

  • Thinking about what sorts of outcomes and impacts your project aims to achieve?
  • Trying to work out how to evaluate your public engagement project?
  • Then this live, interactive workshop is for you!

Workshop structure: 4 hours live, interactive workshop

Who’s it for: Those running/thinking of running a public engagement project

How many can attend? : up to 25

This live, interactive online-workshop will guide you through how to manage and evaluate your public engagement project to make sure you can achieve impact. We will explore what public engagement looks like before using the logic model framework as a tool to plan and achieve impact. Using a case study you will think about target audiences, tailoring activities, and evaluation plans.

Finally, you will be given the tools and the confidence to plan and evaluate your very own impactful public engagement project!

Workshop objectives:

1. Explore the definition ‘public engagement’

2. Define impact and how it can be achieved with public engagement

3. Outline the logic model as a tool to manage a public engagement project

4. Introduce evaluation tools and techniques

5. Work through a case study

6. Draft a personal public engagement project logic model plan

Workshop price: £25pp (exclusive opportunity for BES)

About the trainer:

Dr Sophie Morris has over 6 years of experience in public engagement and is an accredited educator in the higher education sector. After completing a PhD in Cancer Immunotherapies Sophie went on to develop her skills in science communication, public engagement and research impact in various roles. Current work includes designing and delivering public engagement training for different organisations across the UK and beyond.

see dr morris’ event page here to sign up!