Engagement Evaluation and Impact

Future of our food: A game to demonstrate the environmental impacts of different foods.

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 Dr Morris’ Engagement With Impact: Project Management SOS 

  • Thinking about how to manage your public engagement project?
  • Still trying to work out what impact you’d like to achieve?
  • Wandering how to evaluate your impact?

Using a project management framework you will be given the tools to plan and evaluate your very own public engagement project.This interactive online-workshop series will guide you through how to manage and evaluate your public engagement project to make sure you achieve impact. By working through a case study you will think about target audiences, tailoring activities, budgeting and evaluation plans.

Who’s it for: Early career and graduate ecologists who are thinking about/are doing an engagement project.

By the end of the session the following questions will be answered:

  1. What is impact and how can I achieve it with public engagement?
  2. How can I manage my project to achieve impact?
  3. Evaluation: why is it important and how can I do it?
  4. Can you show me an example?
  5. How can I use this in real life for my own project?

Attendees will have worked through the project management framework for a relevant case study, before starting to develop a plan for their own public engagement project.


About the trainer:
Dr Sophie Morris has over 6 years of experience in public engagement and is an accredited educator in the higher education sector. After completing a PhD in Cancer Immunotherapies, Sophie went on to develop her skills in science communication, public engagement and research impact in various roles. Current work includes designing and delivering public engagement training for different organisations across the UK and beyond.

Register your interest for a re-run of this course here