Developing Activities with your Audience in Mind

Having a framework for engaging with diverse communities, especially the marginalised and vulnerable, is particularly important to ecologists in the present climate.

Pupils take part in a game to learn more about UK biodiversity.


Having a framework for engaging with a variety of communities, including the marginalised and vulnerable, is particularly important to ecologists in the present climate. Ongoing environmental concerns and the climate crisis will affect everyone but will have a disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable. Covid-19 gave rise to more ecofascist discourse which risks further excluding some groups or alienating currently engaged individuals.

A recording of our online workshop and associated text resources aim to equip ecologists with a framework to decide on a target audience for their public engagement or science communication, and then to develop their activities with this audience in mind.

Rather than focusing on any particular audience(s), it explores the barriers which can be raised or lowered through various factors including location, timing, format and more. The framework provides a series of questions to work through to begin developing an activity for a particular audience.

Who is it for? Early career ecologists starting to design their own activities or events, or ECRs who want to stimulate ideas on how to reach new audiences. The framework could also benefit communication between ecologists and others beyond science communication and public engagement e.g. field work and consulting policy makers.

Format of delivery: BES Members can access a recording of our workshop held on 18th May 2020 and written resources on the BES Members Login Area of our website.

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Training provider: Hana Ayoob
I am a trainer, producer and speaker specialising in science communication and public engagement, with a background in zoology. I have worked with science festivals, patient societies, universities and other organisations to develop hundreds of resources and events for the public. I am also an illustrator and enjoy injecting creativity into science communication and public engagement. I am particularly passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion within science which led me to co-found Minorities in STEM, a network to support BAME individuals working/studying in STEM fields.


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