Social Media for Ecologists

Our Social Media for Ecologists guide book provides the best tips and tricks for increasing impact and engagement

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Are you interested in the networking potential of social media?

Are you trying to raise awareness for a specific issue?

Are you interested in social media as an ecological education tool?

Are you involved in a research group or specific project that is trying to increase engagement with stakeholders?

This guide book is a step by step guide on how to get the most out of your online presence, whatever your motivation. Learn about setting up and managing Facebook Pages and professional Instagram accounts, getting your Youtube channel up and running, and the ins-and-outs of #SciComm on Twitter. You will also learn  about topics like: how to monitor your impact and engagement, what types of posts are best suited for certain social media applications, and how to optimise your hashtag use.

Who is it for? Any ecologist using social media for promotion of themselves, their research project, and their research group. Particular interest for conservation project leaders and group members.

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Resource provider: Sarah Bell of the Pan Verus Project
Sarah Bell has a background in journalism and social media management and is completing her PhD in Anthropology at Oxford Brookes University examining misconceptions about wildlife and the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. The Pan Verus Project founded by Sarah and Zoe is a new, women-led, 360º conservation project which operates in Sierra Leone, conducts wildlife research, undertakes ranger training, and community engagement and education activities.


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