Living with Environmental Change announces merger

Starting this week, the functions of three environmental coordinating bodies will be delivered by one new body, ‘Living with Environmental Change’. By coordinating scientific research and knowledge, the new body will shape the UK’s response to the urgent situation climate and environmental change presents, by ensuring the right choices are made in response to these changes.

The existing Living with Environmental Change group will be joined by the Environmental Research Funders’ Forum and the Global Environmental Change Committee to create an effective partnership to deliver best value from environmental research and observation. By joining together, the organisations seek to deliver a shared objective; to ‘optimise the coherence and effectiveness of UK environmental research funding’, and to equip government, businesses and society with the knowledge and tools to ‘mitigate, adapt to and capitalise on environmental change’.

The merger brings together 22 public sector funders, providers and users of environmental research under a single identity, including key government departments and agencies, research councils and businesses. More information on the new partnership can be found here.