Robin Hutchinson (they/them)

Image of Robin Hutchinson (they/them)
Gender Policy OfficerBiological recording, entomology, parasitoids, data management, pollinators

My name is Robin Hutchinson, I am a data assistant at the Biological Records Centre at UKCEH. I support biological recording schemes and standardised monitoring schemes, such as the Pollinator Monitoring Scheme. I’m especially interested in parasitic interests, and researched parasitoid flies of ladybirds (Phalacrotophora spp.) during my MSc Entomology at the University of Reading.

As the Gender Policy Officer in the ALDER Network, I am focusing on the ways we can support trans and non-binary people. If you have experiences you would like to share or suggestions you would like to make, then please contact us.

Twitter: @robinhutch18