Saeed Shafiei Sabet

I joined the REED Ecological Network to extend my collaboration internationally

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Anthropogenic sound impact, predator-prey interactions, foraging performance, fish, crustaceans, stress, personality, individual and community level

Reader in Animal behaviour. Postdoctoral research & teaching fellow

I am a behavioural biologist.

I received my PhD at Leiden University, Netherlands. During my PhD I explored the effects of sound exposure with different temporal patterns on the behaviour of zebrafish and cichlids.

After my PhD I continued my research at University of Guilan as a research fellow giving lectures relevant to my field of interest, animal behaviour, and supervising undergraduate and graduate students. I did relevant courses and workshops related to the topics of my own research interest during my PhD, also during the pandemic via online meetings.

I also have a collective and progressive collaboration with the animal behaviour live community (ABL). We regularly set and plan scientific events online for researchers around the world, especially behavioural biologists irrespective of their nationality and other limitations. Together with other team members, we have organised the second edition of The Animal Behaviour Live Conference.

I joined the REED Ecological Network to extend my collaboration internationally. I would like to help other members voluntarily and communicate with other researchers in the same and other fields of research. I would like to also raise awareness of how anthropogenic sound may negatively affect aquatic species among other taxa.

ResearchGate: Saeed Shafiei Sabet’s Lab (Behavioural Biology Laboratory)
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Twitter: @SaeedSHSABET
Instagram: s.shafiei.sabet