Ministerial Posts Announced in Wales and Scotland

Following last week’s elections in the devolved administrations, the Welsh and Scottish Governments have today announced details of their respective cabinets.


John Griffiths AM becomes the Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, taking over from Jane Davidson AM, who stepped down as the Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Housing prior the election on 5th May. John’s website indicates that:
“John worked as a lecturer in further and higher education before becoming a solicitor. A former Gwent County Councillor and Newport Borough Councillor, John is also a member of UNITE and Community trades unions, and the Co-Operative Party.

John’s political interests include economic development, social inclusion, education, Europe, sport and sub Saharan Africa. John is currently the Counsel General and Leader of the Legislative Programme in the Welsh Assembly Government and has previously served as Deputy Minister for Education, Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services and Deputy Economic Development Minister.”

Alun Davies AM has been appointed as Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and European Programmes.

Edwina Hart AM becomes Minister for Business, Enterprise and Technology, whilst Leighton Andrews AM becomes Minister for Education and Skills. The post of Deputy Minister for Science, Innovation and Skills seems to have disappeared however.


In Scotland, Richard Lochead MSP has been re-appointed as Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, whilst Roseanna Cunningham MSP joins him once again as Minister for the Environment and Climate Change.

Michael Russell MSP has been reappointed as Cabinet Secretary for Skills and Lifelong Learning, including the science brief.

Northern Ireland

There is as yet no information regarding appointments to the cabinet of the Northern Ireland Executive but information will appear here when it is available.