National Science and Engineering Week 2008

Today sees the launch of National Science and Engineering Week 2008 (7- 16 March). This initiative, funded by DIUS and coordinated by the BA and the Engineering and Technology Board, is an opportunity for all ages to get involved in science and technology activities and to discover the excitement of science.

Ecology-related events taking place around the country include a conference on ‘Cutting Edge Research in Ecology and Conservation’, at the University of Exeter, and a one-day event at the University of Leicester on advances in understanding of the ecology and behaviour of dinosaurs.

There is an opportunity for the public to ask questions of scientists on anything, however perplexing or confusing, and scientists will then answer these on the ‘Big Questions’ message board, through the media or through events taking place around the country. Some of the UK’s most influential scientists and PM Gordon Brown have also posted questions which they would like other scientists to answer.

Contribute to a ‘Big Question’