Old Ecological Issues Booklets

The out of print BES Ecological Issues booklets are now available on-line as PDFs. The Ecological Issues series started in 1990 and has gone through a series of changes, but its rationale has remained the same. The booklets are aimed at providing the scientific evidence on a topical ecological issue for non-specialists. The booklets are on:

  • Wildlife diseases
  • The exploitation of coral reefs
  • Actions for biodiversity in the UK
  • The ecological effects of increased aerial deposition of nitrogen
  • Release of genetically engineered organisms
  • Ecological effects of estuarine barrages
  • Red grouse populations and moorland managements
  • River water quality

The BES will be looking at updating some of them in light of scientific advances and changes to government policy. The BES is also in the process of producing new booklets on Ecosystem Services and Re-Wildling. Further information on these projects will be coming soon.