Oxford Announces International Climate Conference: 4 Degrees and Beyond

The University of Oxford is holding an International Climate Conference together with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and the UK Met Office entitled “4 Degrees and Beyond: Implications for people, ecosystems and the earth system,” from 28-30 September 2009.

The conference aims to (1) assess the consequences of a change in global temperature above 4°C for a range of systems and sectors and (2) explore the options that are open for avoiding climate changes of this magnitude. The results will form an important background to the COP 15 United Nations Climate Change Conference, in Copenhagen, December 2009, and the inevitable negotiations that will follow COP 15.

The conference is open to anyone with expertise to share, and aims to bring together the best range of experts with the widest expertise from around the world. Registration is open now and abstracts for presentations and posters can be submitted under the themes of: i) Agriculture, Water and Food Security ii) Vulnerable People and Places iii) Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services iv) Earth System Feedbacks and Thresholds, and v) Emissions Reductions. Places are limited and the closing date for abstract submission is 1 May.

Further information at www.eci.ox.ac.uk/4degrees