Peer Review Week 2017: Thanking our Review College

This year, Peer Review Week takes place between the 11 – 17 September and the theme is centered on Transparency in the Peer Review Process. Our journals will be publishing a week of blog posts exploring this theme – to keep up to date with all the activities head to #PeerRevWk17.

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Peer Review Week provides us with the perfect opportunity to thank our fantastic Review College members.

We rely on our grant reviewers to ensure our work is of a high-quality across areas like reviewing manuscripts, abstract submissions, grant applications and more.

The aim of our Review College is to build up a community of individuals who have knowledge, experience and expertise within ecology, and who can use these skills to assess our grant applications. Reviewers read, comment and score our grant applications, according to their area of expertise or keywords.


We would like to take this opportunity to extend a huge thank you to all our Review College members for their commitment and hard work, which makes our funding process possible.

Peer review of grant proposals is an integral part of the process which ensures we fund high quality, sound science and also provide applicants with useful feedback for future applications. Being involved in grant reviewing not only influences the projects and individuals that receive funding, but also impacts on the ecological community as a whole.


Here are a few words from our current Review College members:

Gesine Pufal – University of Freiburg, Germany

“Being a member of the Review College has given me the opportunity to shape the research landscape by promoting interesting and novel research projects. It also helped me in my own career because I understand much better how others perceive project proposals and what makes them outstanding and noteworthy.”



Salvador Herrando-Pérez – Spanish National Research Council

“Being a member of the BES Review College complements formal peer-review since the goal is not only assessing whether a piece of work is novel (hence worth publishing) but… should it be funded? As a bonus, you become aware of small yet crucial details your own funding applications could benefit from!”





Follow all our activities this week at #PeerRevWk17. And don’t forget to download and share our free guide:

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