Our Plant, Soils, Ecosystems Special Interest Group Needs You!

Our Plant, Soils, Ecosystems Special Interest Group is looking for a new secretary, express your interest today.

Our Plant, Soils, Ecosystems Special Interest Group (SIG) is looking for a new secretary to oversee the running of the group.

Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are discipline focused arms of the Society, run by motivated and willing volunteers from academia, charity, government, and industry. They organise meetings and events throughout the year and engage with the Society staff and Committees.

Each group is run by a motivated Committee, led by a group Secretary. The Committee is responsible for:

  • Presenting a report on activities to the October BES Meetings Committee.
  • Submiting yearly proposals/budgets that meet the broad strategic aims of the Society, for approval by the BES Meetings Committee.
  • Monitoring of budgets throughout the year.
  • Organising and running the SIG events throughout the year.
  • Administering the SIG emails.
  • Maintaining the SIG membership lists.
  • Using Social Media to promote the SIG, the BES, and all SIG/BES activities.
  • Attending the BES Annual Meeting, running a promotional event for the SIG, and encouraging thematic & workshop submissions from your community.
  • make contributions to the various society communication channels e.g. our membership magazine.

The Plant, Soils, Ecosystems SIG on plant-soil interactions, focuses on biogeochemical cycling, community dynamics, and ecosystem functioning. The aims of the group are:

  • Promote research on plant-soil interactions and their role in ecosystems through workshops, symposia, and events.
  • Serve as a platform to discuss and share techniques, as well as provide opportunities for networking and collaboration among researchers.
  • Encourage research across scientific disciplines to students, support for early-career researchers, and facilitate training opportunities.

This is a great opportunity for a motivated, enthusiastic individual to gain new skills outside of research, support ecologists within your field, and shape the strategic goals of the BES. Please ensure you consider your time commitments before applying.

To express an interest in the role, please email your CV and a short covering letter to the Plant, Soils, Ecosystems Group by 17:00 (BST), Friday 22 September.