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Ecologists and policymakers working together to better embed ecological knowledge into the Welsh policymaking process.

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About the Welsh Policy Group (WPG)

The Welsh Policy Group (WPG) was launched in 2015, with the aim of promoting the use of ecological knowledge in Wales and supporting the involvement of ecologists in all levels of Welsh policymaking. The WPG has held several policy events in Wales. With the support of the BES policy team, the WPG has responded to relevant Welsh consultations and inquiries.

Making an impact

Most recently, the WPG has responded to the Welsh Government Brexit and Our Land: Securing the Future of Welsh Farming consultation and the Welsh Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee inquiry on Public Goods Scheme – Biodiversity.

All of our consultation and inquiry responses can be found here.

Following the Policy Team’s responses to the Public Goods Scheme – Biodiversity inquiry, the Policy Manager, Brendan Costelloe, was asked to give evidence to the Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee (CCERA) Committee on the 21st Feb. The Policy Manager was pleased with the session and his comments appeared to be well-received by the CCERA Committee members.

You can watch the evidence sessions here.

Current Projects and Activities                                                                                

  • We are responding to the Marine and fisheries policies for Wales after Brexit consultation.
  • We are drafting our first Policy Guide for Wales. You can find all BES Policy Guides here.

Getting Involved

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