Welsh Policy Group

Ecologists and policymakers working together to better embed ecological knowledge into the Welsh policymaking process.

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About the Welsh Policy Group (WPG)

The Welsh Policy Group (WPG) was launched in 2015, with the aim of promoting the use of ecological knowledge in Wales and supporting the involvement of ecologists in all levels of Welsh policymaking. Since then, the WPG has held several policy events in Wales and, with the support of the BES policy team, has responded to relevant Welsh consultations and inquiries. All of our consultation and inquiry responses can be found here.

As a BES group, the WPG presents the scientific evidence rather than campaigning on particular issues. This includes operating within a wider proactive model for BES policy work, meaning that the WPG not only reacts to policy opportunities (such as consultations) but also focuses on identifying key policy opportunities to increase the BES policy impact. The WPG organises events (such as ‘Pie and a Pint’ events and policy training workshops) focused on policy priorities and processes in Wales, prepares briefings to members about the latest Welsh policy news and responds to particularly important consultations and inquiries. 

We are recruiting!

The WPG is going through a process of renewal and as part of this we are recruiting a new Chair, Vice-Chair and Core Members. These present exciting opportunities to shape the future of the group, represent Welsh ecology and help to connect it with policy making, for the benefit of both.

The new WPG will create a new Vision and Strategy for the Group, which will be complementary to the wider BES’s mission but firmly based in the Welsh context. In 2022, an open call will go out to BES members to be involved as Ordinary Members. After that, the WPG will begin to organise events and activities.

Specific roles

WPG Chair: The Chair will be critical in the formation of the WPG and its success, through chairing WPG meetings, leading on the development of the WPG Vision and Strategy document and the Terms of Reference, helping organise the first WPG event, working with BES staff members to agree agendas and voting on WPG matters. In general, they will have a key role in designing and organising all WPG activities. Find out more and apply here.

WPG Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chair will be responsible for deputising for the WPG Chair in the instance that the Chair is unavailable for an WPG meeting or activity. The Vice-Chair will be involved in establishing the WPG, the WPG Vision and Strategy document, the Terms of Reference and putting together the first WPG event. Find out more and apply here.

WPG Core Members: WPG Core Members will be involved in establishing the WPG, the WPG Vision and Strategy document, the Terms of Reference and putting together the first WPG event. They will also have a key role in designing and carrying out all WPG activities. Find out more and apply here.

WPG Ordinary Members: Members will be involved in the activities outlined above, including voting on WPG matters and organising WPG events. WPG members will be chosen for their representation of the BES community, experience and knowledge of Welsh policy, ecology and/or the science-policy interface. The selection process will ensure a breadth of skills, expertise and career stages across the WPG, as well as diversity. Please note, recruitment for ‘WPG Ordinary Members’ will take place in a second round of recruitment in early 2022.


If you would like to apply, we ask you to submit a CV and a 200-word summary of your current area of work, why you are interested in getting involved with the WPG and what skills/expertise you would like to bring to the WPG. Application deadline: Sunday 12 September 2021 23:59 (BST).

All roles are unpaid, voluntary positions. If WPG members are required to travel for WPG activities, the BES will reimburse travel expenses. Roles will be appointed for an initial term of three years. After that, WPG members are welcome to re-apply, if they wish to.

Representatives of underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply to any of the roles listed above. If you need any additional information please email: nick@britishecologicalsociety.org