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To access the account, click the species name. The results also show other resources related to that species which you may also be interested in, including Ecological Flora of the British Isles accounts and Botanical Society of the British Isles accounts, if available.

Accounts published from 1999 onwards are available to access free of charge, and articles published before 1999 can be accessed online through JSTOR.

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27 results sorted alphabetically

Species Author(s) Year DOI Other Resources
Acaena novae-zelandiae E.G. Gynn & A.J. Richards 1985 10.2307/2260167 EF, BSBI
Acer campestre E.W. Jones 1945 10.2307/2256711 EF
Acer platanoides E.W. Jones 1945 10.2307/2256711 EF
Acer pseudoplatanus E.W. Jones 1945 10.2307/2256711 EF
Agrostemma githago L.G. Firbank 1988 10.2307/2260645 EF
Agrostis curtisii R.B. Ivimey-Cook 1959 10.2307/2257299 EF
Allium ursinum T.G.Tutin 1957 10.2307/2256973 EF
Allium vineale R.H. Richens 1947 10.2307/2256778 EF
Alnus glutinosa D.N. McVean 1953 10.2307/2257294 EF, BSBI
Alopecurus myosuroides R.E.L. Naylor 1972 10.2307/2258364 EF
Ambrosia artemisiifolia Essl et al. 2015 10.1111/1365-2745.12424 EF, BSBI
Ammophila arenaria A.H.L.Huiskes 1979 10.2307/2259356 EF
Andromeda polifolia A.L. Jacquemart 1998 10.1046/j.1365-2745.1998.00274.x EF
Anemone nemorosa D.A. Shirreffs 1985 10.2307/2260164 EF
Anthemis arvensis Q.O.N. Kay 1971 10.2307/2258337 EF
Anthemis cotula Q.O.N. Kay 1971 10.2307/2258336 EF
Arabis scabra M.E. Pring 1961 10.2307/2257275 EF
Arbutus unedo J.R. Sealy & D.A. Webb 1950 10.2307/2256540 EF
Armeria maritima S.R.J. Woodell & A. Dale 1993 10.2307/2261536 EF
Arrhenatherum elatius C.D.C. Pfitzenmeyer 1962 10.2307/2257207 EF, BSBI
Arum italicum ssp. neglectum C.T. Prime 1954 10.2307/2256997
Arum maculatum F.A. Sowter 1949 10.2307/2256754 EF
Athyrium distentifolium H.S. McHaffie 2005 10.1111/j.1365-2745.2005.01037.x EF, BSBI
Atriplex portulacoides V.J. Chapman 1950 10.2307/2256539 EF, BSBI
Atropa belladonna R.W. Butcher 1947 10.2307/2256722 EF
Avenella flexuosa G. Scurfield 1954 10.2307/2256995 EF, BSBI
Avenula pubescens J.M. Dixon 1991 10.2307/2260670 EF