Recycling “as complicated as Sudoku”

Researchers at the University of Sussex have concluded that recycling household waste is a complicated as completing a Sudoku puzzle. 

The scientists conducted a study into the effort and complexity of recycling; monitoring participants’ brainwaves as they sorted their waste into various categories. Dr David Lewis, who ran the study, commented that “The whole process is so confusing that even hardened and dedicated recyclers still get it wrong.”
The number of British people who recycle their waste has tripled in the past two years. More people would be willing to recycle, research suggests, if it was made easier, an incentive was offered, and manufacturers were more responsible with packaging.

At the BES we are committed to ‘greening’ our activities; including comprehensive recycling throughout our offices, composting our organic waste on-site and measures to improve the energy and water efficiency of our buildings. 

We are also trying to ensure that delegates travel as sustainably as possible to our forthcoming Annual Meeting. To find out about opportunities for car sharing, visit our Facebook group (log-in required).