Scotland Set to Lead on ‘Zero Waste’ Society

The Scottish Government aims to create a ‘zero waste’ society, and the supermarket chain Tesco are set to helping them to achieve this aim.

Scottish Tesco stores are set to pioneer a ‘reverse vending machine’ whereby customers are rewarded for returning packing and recyclable products in in-store machines. The machine is capable of identifying and sorting items, and it is believed many vehicle journeys will be saved as the machine compresses and shreds the waste on site.

At the recent waste conference in Glasgow, Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said:

“I am delighted to see that Tesco shares my vision of a ‘Zero Waste Scotland’ and is seeking to introduce reverse vending in Scotland. Reverse vending has terrific potential to improve our rates of recycling and evidence from Scandinavia and Canada shows that it has reaped real rewards.”

The Scottish Government remains committed to cutting growth of municipal waste by 2010.