Scottish Government consultation

Please help the BES-Scottish Policy Group respond to the consultation on environmental principles and governance in Scotland.

Loch Duich (c) Ruth Mitchell


The Scottish Government is consulting on how Scotland will maintain effective environmental governance post Brexit. The questions we’ll respond to under Part 1 Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting concern access to environmental data and information.

Read the consultation here.

How you can help us 
We value your views and you can contribute to our response by:

  • Sending us research papers to answer any of the questions listed below
  • Sending us comments as bullet points or paragraphs to answer any of the questions listed below – supported by references
  • Helping review any of the questions
  • Letting us know experts we should be contacting

We can also arrange a phone call with you if that is easier.

Deadline for your contribution –  Wednesday, 27 March.
Please send your evidence by email to Maggie Keegan (Policy Officer in Scotland)

The questions you can help us with:

  • Q5: What do you think will be the impact of the loss of engagement with the EU on monitoring, measuring and reporting?
  • Q6:  What key issues would you wish a review of reporting and monitoring requirements to cover?
  • Q8: How should we meet the requirements for effective scrutiny of government performance in environmental policy and delivery in Scotland?
  • Q9: Which policy areas should be included within the scope of any scrutiny arrangements?
  • Q12: What do you think the impact will be in Scotland of the loss of EU enforcement powers?

If you need further clarification, please contact Maggie Keegan (Policy Officer in Scotland) who will be happy to discuss any of the questions with you.