Sir David Attenborough Calls for end to Bird Extinctions

Sir David Attenborough made a strong call to end Bird Extinctions globally, at the recent British Birdfair.

In a speech to ornithologists and bird enthusiasts at the event, Sir David said:

“We have no right to exterminate the species that evolved without us… …we have the responsibility to do everything we can to preserve their continued existence.”

Birdlife International have a specific species extinction prevention programme, whereby individuals can ‘champion’ a species of bird that is deemed to be critically endangered (see the Red List).

Sir David has decided to be the species champion for the Araripe Manakin Antilophia bokermanni, estimated to number fewer than 800 individuals and confined to a 28 square kilometre patch of moist forest in Brazil. The forest is under pressure from leisure home creation, and agricultural expansion resulting in habitat loss and degradation. The director of Aquasis, Alberto Campos, responsible for the species’ protection programme cites a lack of understanding from the million people that depend on the forest, of the ecosystem services that the forest provides, particularly the provision of freshwater. He also believes that sugarcane plantations for the production of biofuel could soon pose a considerable novel threat to the remaining forest.

Sir David will also be supporting a campaign to reach out to and support the local community, who ultimately, are the guardians of the remaining forest.