The state of farmland in 2011: the consensus of long-term monitoring

The BES and the Royal Entomological Society are organising a joint meeting to explore the benefits of long-term monitoring and what it call tell us about the state of farmland in the UK.

You can now register your interest in attending this event, which will take place at the headquarters of the BES, Charles Darwin House, on 12th October 2011. Registration costs £15.00.

Further information

In 2010, ‘the year of biodiversity’, the value of long-term monitoring in prioritising global biodiversity targets was flagged up both in the academic literature and the wider press. Long-term monitoring is a well established feature of agro-ecology and there are a number of meticulously maintained data-sets which focus on a wide-range taxa, revealing much about the state of farmland today.

This meeting aims to bring together key people in the organisations which carry out this monitoring to explore:
• What long-term monitoring tells us about the state of farmland in 2011.
• How we can use the data to address issues of declining biodiversity.
• The future of long-term monitoring in a challenging economic climate.