Trees and Forests in British Society: Conference, Edinburgh, 13-15 April 2010

The story of forestry in Britain is unique. Our forests provide us with a range of benefits reflecting the changing needs and demands of society. Today, trees, woods and forests are expected to contribute to improving health, building resilient communities, and adapting to climate change. As British society’s perceptions and relationship with woods and trees change, the response is an evolution of policy and governance systems, forms of engagement, and mitigation actions in urban and rural areas.

Aimed at policy makers, researchers and agencies involved in British forestry and land use, the objectives of this conference, organised by Forest Research, the Research Agency of the Forestry Commission, are to:
• discuss societal and economic trends shaping the management of British trees and forests in both urban and rural contexts;
• share experiences of responses to these trends and how society can successfully engage with its woodland resource;
• identify future research and policy directions needed to meet emerging challenges.

Further details are available from the Forestry Research website.