UK Environmental Observation Framework Launched

Today marks the launch of the new Defra Initiative: “UK Environmental Observation Framework,” aimed at helping researchers access information about a whole range of monitoring activities that are ongoing.

Researchers often remark that there is too little coordination between monitoring efforts – this being an issue highlighted at the recent BESDefra workshop on Modeling Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity. The new initiative looks as though it will contribute to addressing this problem.

The launch was marked by presentations from chief scientific advisor Professor Bob Watson, Alan Thorpe the chief executive of NERC, Professor Maggie Gill, Chief Scientific Adviser, RERAD, Scottish Government and Doug Wilson, Head of Monitoring Assessment, Environment Agency.

The Environmental Research Funder’s Forum (ERFF) outline the theme of the initiative with the following summary:

“[ERFF aim to] articulate a vision and a high-level plan to define and resolve UK environmental monitoring issues, so improving our ability to understand the natural environment and address current and future environmental policy priorities for economic benefit and quality of life.”

If you are interested in getting involved in the monitoring programme or find out more about it please contact Beth Greenaway: