Upcoming GM Debates Reflect Resurgence in Interest

Genetic modification is now a well-established part of the food supply chain, with more than 13 million farms worldwide already growing GM crops. It remains however a highly controversial issue with far from universal acceptance, particularly in Europe. In the UK for instance, farmers do not grow GM, although GM crops are fed to British livestock. There is still significant concern about possible risks, and supermarkets in particular will not move away from their non-GM policies if people don’t want GM food.

In the context of food insecurity, climate change and population growth, do we need to look differently at GM? Is there any real need for it in the UK? Have all the possible risks and benefits been explored? These big questions appear to be increasingly at the forefront of debate. The Royal Society of Chemistry is hosting a debate at 6p.m. on Wednesday 2nd December entitled ‘Genetic Modification: Solution or Problem?’. Meanwhile on Tuesday 15th December at 5.30 pm the Parliamentary & Scientific Committee is hosting a debate at Westminster called ‘Come Back GM- All is Forgiven?’. If you would to attend this latter debate, which promises to offer a fascinating insight into Westminster thinking on the subject, please email us here.